We’ve talked before about our Virtuoso.com hotel booking tool. But were you aware of all the benefits and differences when booking your hotel via Virtuoso vs. Expedia (or other sites like it)? We’ll make it easy for you…
Virtuoso vs Expedia

Both avenues provide convenience for travelers (DIY!), and both offer great exposure for hotel properties. But, they’re clearly not equal; not every hotel can tout itself as a Virtuoso property!

So, how is a hotel selected to be part of Virtuoso’s catalog? Virtuoso’s curated list is reviewed annually. Minimal qualifications to be part of the list include:

  • Five-star or four-star deluxe classification
  • A desirable or unique geographic location
  • Excellence in both service and quality, maintained at the highest levels, with a proven track record of luxury, attention to detail, and guest recognition
  • Daily breakfast, preferential rates, and a value-added, exclusive amenity for Virtuoso travelers
  • References from Virtuoso travel advisors who have experienced the property

Virtuoso’s Hotels and Resorts team performs a thorough analysis of market conditions and Virtuoso network needs prior to adding any new properties. All properties are ultimately reviewed by a representative committee of Virtuoso travel-agency owners.

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