Did you know it’s National Small Business Week? So, how fitting that our blog this week highlights another small business partner – Umapped. Umapped is yet another way we enhance our clients’ travels – by putting all their info at their (mobile) fingertips via their mobile itinerary tool, Trip Publisher.

Being in the travel business means always being available to our clients via phone, text, or email. And, that’s not changing any time soon. But, Umapped provides us with the ability to put it all together, to make our clients’ custom itinerary trips an even easier experience.

While of course we will continue to provide electronic documents and communicate via email, Umapped is so much more powerful than that!

Here are some of our favorite features of the Umapped mobile itinerary app:
  • Mobile access to your itinerary, including details such as schedules, confirmation numbers, local contacts, etc.
  • Access to all necessary documents and paperwork – all in one place
  • A messaging feature – you can send messages to us and/or your travel companions to collaborate
  • Alerts/reminders for flights
  • The ability for us to include directions and/or maps (for example, if a location is within walking distance)
  • Additional destination information (such as history, highlights, pictures)
  • Local weather forecasts
  • Unleashed Recommendations: Suggested places to visit/things to see in your free time

And, one of our favorite features: After you’ve accessed the itinerary, it’s available offline! So, if you’re going to a destination with limited wireless capabilities, you can still access everything you need! (We can also provide you with a nice PDF version if you’d like that as well.)

Below are some examples of itineraries we created for ourselves in the past when we’ve traveled. Looks great, right? It definitely made our lives easier! Gone are the days of trying to print everything out/keep it all organized while you’re traveling. Just pull up your app to see what’s next.

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