on-site vs tour operator

As with any industry, we rely on both our experience and the expertise of others to provide our clients with the best trip itineraries. The two types of partners we use are:

  1. On-Site Programs
  2. Tour Operators

So, what should you know about these and their differences? Some of the partners we work with fall into both categories, but there are some distinct differences in these types of suppliers:on-site vs tour operator

The type of supplier we work with depends on the needs of your trip – we will decide based on our consultation and once we have a better understanding of your preferences. Regardless, with both, we utilize preferred partners to offer our clients:

  • Tailored experiences and itineraries
  • Exclusive offers, promotions, or added amenities when available
  • VIP treatment
  • An experience that (in many cases) is only available when working with a travel advisor

Check out our social media pages in the coming weeks as we highlight some of our favorite preferred partners!

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