We come from different backgrounds and decided to start this company together. So we tell people – “we’ve started our own luxury travel concierge.” The wheels start turning, and then we get “Oh, you’re a travel agent? People still do that?” We know this is what they’re thinking of:

No – not exactly…we’re not your mom & dad’s travel agent from the 90s. A travel advisor is much more than that! Since we find ourselves explaining our career to everyone we know (well, me especially since Alicia has been working in travel for the past 4 years), we thought we might as well share with the world, too.

Here are 5 things that you didn’t know about travel advisors, and why you need one.

  1. Travel advisors do so much more than you think. No, we’re not sitting behind a computer entering bookings with our noses in giant books to learn about different offers. We’re always on the move, exploring the next adventure that we can recommend to our clients – all the while planning the details of our clients’ current trips.
  2. Travel advisors don’t take away your control over your trip. Yes, we know that everyone can go online and plan a trip for themselves and their family/friends. And sure, we can plan your entire trip for you with little input – but you can be as involved (or uninvolved) as you want. We love collaborating with our clients to help them experience the best possible trip – it’s also how we get to know our clients better. After all, while we certainly know a lot about travel, we specialize in clients.
  3. We’re not just your personal Googler. There’s so much information out there for consumers – who wants to take the time to sift through it all? We’ll be your source of knowledge – no need to spend hours upon hours reading about activities, ratings, and reviews. On top of that, we have resources and connections that can enhance your trip – sometimes allowing you to do things you didn’t even consider, or that you didn’t know were possible!
  4. We aren’t just another expense. We get it – you want to splurge on a trip – but not break the bank. So, maybe you should just book everything online yourself vs. paying us to do it for you? Of course, we have access to the same (and sometimes better) pricing that you can find online. But, on top of that, our connections provide access to exclusive experiences and amenities you can’t get online; we’ll also make sure you have a personalized experience that will go above and beyond your expectations. In addition to providing you with more value, we also save you time – and time = $$.
  5. We provide peace of mind. Go into your vacation worry-free. No last minute efforts to make sure you have all the info you need (and no scrambling when you’re there to figure it out). We’re proactive in making sure our clients have everything they need – and if it’s something you need to do on your own (think getting a Passport), we’ll be sure to remind you. We also stay in touch while you’re on your trip; while we can’t fix every problem that may arise (which is why we recommend travel insurance!), we’ll absolutely do our best to help where we can.

We hope this helps you get a better understanding of us and what we do, what sets us apart. We know it worked to explain Erika’s new career to her family!